Afterglow Marketing is a culturally different marketing agency. We believe that the 'client and agency relationship' is a partnership. Our part of the relationship is to offer a 'go to' marketing partner for companies. We are strategic storytellers, producers, do-ers, creative scientists, magicians if you will (trust us, for some events we've pulled things out of thin air!). And... the client's part of the relationship, is to provide thorough direction and thereafter, allow us to do what we do best. 

We are a fun group of people that produce original marketing stories and experiences. We give a life and soul to brands and events, allowing consumers to touch, feel and experience them. Welcome... these pages share who we are, what we are about, what we do, examples of our work and how to contact us. Come on in, make yourself at home. We invite you to look out into the horizon with us and watch the sun set into a beautiful afterglow.