Afterglow Marketing is a collective of talents brought together by years of experience and networking. Together we make captivating and compelling communications approaches and events. We handpick our creative teams to cultivate their unique experience and talent and apply them to the particulars of our clients.

We are a virtual agency. Conference calls are held on Skype, meetings are planned across multiple time zones, concepts may be born in Miami and executed in Los Angeles. Strategists, Designers, Creatives, Storytellers, Planners, Directors, Producers, Coordinators all come together to create unique teams curated for each client. We create and tell brand stories, we create and produce well thought out events, we humanize brands by allowing people to touch, feel and experience them.


what we do

Branding: Naming, The Brand's Story and Logo Development

Creative Concept and Storytelling: Design and Content for all Marketing Materials (business cards, brochures, stationary, websites, flyers, business presentations, etc)

Strategic Planning: The Plan for What, How and Where to Tell Your Brand's Story

Media Planning

Event Consulting and Execution: Sourcing, Production, Management and Execution (from small intimate gatherings to large scale festivals and concerts; every event has it's own story to tell)

our story

Afterglow Marketing is the brainchild of Telsys Tarallo, a palm-tree and beach loving native from Miami, FL. After years of working for big agencies and big name clients, Telsys decided that she wanted to create a different type of marketing agency. An agency with a unique agency culture - one that nourishes not only the clients but the agency teams working on the business. An agency that cultivates a more human approach to business, where both clients and agency team members work together and less apart, to develop marketing campaigns and events. 


our values

We are a group of confident, competent and caring individuals; we exhibit leadership and standards of excellence. It's a ‘can do’, ‘everything’s a challenge not a problem’ attitude. We work hard but we play hard too. We are kind, compassionate and brilliant. We love what we do and we love to do it at Afterglow. 


our approach

We believe that what we share with our clients is a partnership… in all honesty, it’s a marriage. For better or for worse, we are in it together. We may not always have the right, perfect answer or solution, but we will stop at nothing until we find it. Together we accomplish more than apart. Communication is key and critical to our relationship with our clients. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied in the work that they are receiving and the work that is being executed for them. As a result, we welcome feedback throughout every step of the process. And for you the little guy in the sea of brands, the underdog that isn’t quite sure how marketing truly works, Afterglow will make sure we walk you through the process and make you ultimately better and savvier marketers along the way.

Our process is simple… We listen to you. What’s the goal of the company. What the vision is. What the roots and heart of the company are. Where it needs to go. Where it should go. What’s its voice. What’s the tone. Who’s the market. How we speak to that market. And perhaps it isn’t a monologue, you just don’t have all of that figured out… then it becomes a dialogue and we develop it together. From there, we make it glow. We believe that in our society, consumers are the biggest brand advocates. Every consumer has a voice. Making and convincing that consumer to be your brand ambassador, is where it’s at.

We believe in the power of amazing partnerships. Just look at the partnership the sun has with the sky, they light each other up!



The sunset photos contained on the site are credit to our good friend, photographer and artist, Rafael Balcazar. They are featured from his collection, Mares.